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Build the conversations you've always wanted on a fully-featured global telephony network, all via API.
Leading companies are building the future of voice analytics with Telnyx.

Do more with less.

Plug into a fully-featured telephony environment on a global, purpose-built network. Don't re-invent the wheel.

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Every telephony feature you've ever wanted, all via API.

Stand-up complex global telephony with the simplicity of building a web app.

Programmable Recording

Start, stop, pause and resume recording on-demand, with cloud storage and access.

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Speech to Text Transcription

Turn on real-time speech to text transcription from live calls with one API command.

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Real-time Media Forking

Build truly conversational AI with lightning-fast access to real-time call audio.

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Custom Audio & TTS

Embed audio files and programmable text-to-speech into your call flows.

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Building the world's first autonomous contact center, powered by Telnyx.
Benjamin Gleitzman
CTO and co-founder
  • "Telnyx media forking gives Replicant low-latency access to audio packets to be able to feed our AI models. We did a survey of the scene and, in many cases, Telnyx was the fastest provider that was there on the market."

Build Voice Analytics with Ease

Learn how to automate customer support with conversational AI.

Get more control for less.

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"Their price is amazing and any issues we have are resolved very quickly."
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